Wighton 23 Artists

There are 40 artists taking part in Wighton 23 Cycle.

They are:

Grace Adam, Nick Ball, Keron Beattie, Richard Berry, Emma Blount, Esther Boehm, George Bosworth, Margie Britz, Andrew Campbell, Daisy Campbell, Sarah Caputo and Brenda Unwin, Richard Cleland, Mary Crofts, Mike Dodd, Paul Ebbens and Peter Swann, Victoria Fenn, Kate Giles, Jack Godfrey, Beth Groom, Lizzy Harvey, Alison Henry, Michael Horn, Elizabeth Humphries, Maz Jackson, Brian James, Liz James and Ros Coping, Geoffrey Lefever, Debbie Lyddon, Frances Martin, Sue Maufe, Rory McShane, Elizabeth Merrimen, Jackie Potter, Louise Richardson ,Sula Rubens, Lizzy Sainsbury, Gordon Senior, Nicky Stainton, Philip Walmsley, Eleanor Wood