Art Workshop Programme 2022 – to be held at Cley Village Hall, NR25 7RJ.

Spoon Carving – Adult Workshop with Verity Newman

Adults workshop    

Friday, 15th July 

10am – 4pm. Lino printing sea shell workshop with local artist Amy Cartwright.

A creative day designing, carving and printing your own seashell   lino print. Suitable for beginners, no experience needed. Cost: £45 per person. 

Clients and Carers workshop

Tuesday, 19th July

 10.30am -3.00pm. Hats and Headdresses will be a fun workshop led by local textile artist Connie Flynn.

We will use recycled materials and different papers to create and decorate a grand hat or headdress . Anything goes! Cost: Free for participants and their carers.

Family workshop

Saturday, 23rd July 

10am -1pm. Natural art portraits. Hapa-Zome is a Japanese term meaning leaf dye. 

Hannah Hardy will lead a family workshop to gather natural materials from our local surroundings and create a portrait from a photograph or creative drawing. Hannah will also provide a range of colours and textures from the natural world. Cost: £5 for 1 person, £8 for 2 people, £10 for 3 people, £12 for 4 people.

Adults workshop 

Tuesday, 2nd August

10am- 4pm. Life drawing with experienced artist Helen Breach.

The day will focus on looking, observation and making marks, but not necessarily making a masterpiece! Charcoal, pastels and paper provided for studies of a female model . Easels and own paints are welcome, but preferably not oil paints and solvents.. Cost:  £50 per person.

Adults workshop

Monday, 8th August

10am -5.00pm. Glass painting workshop with Emma Blount.

Emma will be demonstrating the technique of drawing and painting on glass using traditional, kiln-fired paints in the Victorian layering method. You will paint 3 or 4 20x15cm glass paintings of simple designs during the workshop. No experience needed. All materials provided.  (There will be an option of having 1 glass painting fired, framed and posted after the workshop, for an additional £20) 

Over 60’s workshop

Friday, 12th August

10.30- 3.00pm. Memory pots with Lucy Care. 

These simple pinch pots are inspired by the work of an artist Magdalene A,N.Odundo. They are made to hold memories, ‘to hold the spirit within us’. The pinch pots can be simple, clumsy or quite strong vessels – something unique to the maker. Reminders can be etched onto the surface, dried flowers and patterns, even words. Pots will need to be fired and therefore collected or posted on. A second firing in a firepit can be made at an extra cost (£5 approx.) Cost: £15 per person.

Adults workshop

Monday 15th August: 

10am-4.00pm. Spoon carving with Verity Newman

 ‘Engage  in the mindful art of spoon carving with others and make something unique to take home. Following a demonstration using a carving axe and safe knife techniques, each participant will learn how to carve either a spoon or spatula/butter spreader from raw/green and seasoned wood, using carving knives and small hand gouges (chisels). You will need to bring an apron, a pair of gardening gloves and a packed lunch. You are welcome to bring your own tools, but as this will be aimed at beginners upwards, all tools will be provided for the day’. Cost: £45 per person.