About The Curator: Rachel Allen

Wighton 23 Curator – Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen is from Norwich and has grown up in a family of art collectors and enthusiasts.

After graduating with a degree in Arts and Stage Management in 2010, Rachel returned to Norwich to work in and subsequently run Mandell’s Gallery, following her father and grandfather in doing so.

Mandell’s Gallery was opened in the 60s by Rachel’s grandfather. Whilst initially specialising in the Norwich School and more traditional works, the Gallery now features a strong contemporary exhibition programme, working with many East Anglian artists.

Rachel’s experience and interest in the arts has led her to assist in the curation of art projects with the Norwich 20 Group, both in the Forum and St Mary’s Church.

“I am very excited to come out of the city and explore a new location in the beautiful Church and grounds of Wighton in North Norfolk.”

NNEP Curators at Salthouse

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NNEP Curators at Wighton

  • 2023 Rachel Allen